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Carolyn's Project of the Month (DEC)

It's time to wrap up the year with something cute and quick to make at the last minute. 

We will be doing in the hoop coasters and working with some different types of materials. 

You will notice the class is now limited to 11 and there are now 3 class times.  This will give me more time to help the new students that don't know the embroidery world or their machine very well. Remember this is a learning experience as well as a technique class. 

Be set up and ready to go at your scheduled class time. 

If time allows we will do 3 projects this month:

5x7 hoop (no smaller)
2 EMPTY bobbins
New needle in machine
Full white embroidery bobbin thread in machine
Thread colors:
Christmas red
Christmas green
0range (Snowman's nose)
Blue (Snowman's eyes)
Silver gray or pretty blue (snowflakes)

Class is Dec. 11  10:30 (full)  2:30 ( 1 space) or 6:00 (several spaces)

teacher fee 15.00 (cash)

kit fee payable to store TBA

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Carolyn's Project of the Month (DEC)