Edge Stitching on my Quattro

  • Do you have the Quattro from Brother?  Have you ever used the Edge Stitching in the sewing area?  If you ever wanted to add decorative stitching to the edge of ribbon or fabric, but didn’t want to just sit there, this is the way to do it.  Just put your “edge stitching sheet and the “V” foot on and go for it.  I set up my machine and tell it to sew.  Now this is in the sewing part of the sewing area.  I usually use around 5 yards of ribbon, 1 to 3 inches.  You want a ribbon that is sturdy.  Make sure you have turned off the “needle position stitch placement” button in the notebook area.  When you turn off this button your “edge stitching button” will work with most of the stitches in the quilting area “Q” of the sewing machine.
  • This gives you a lot of ways to make ribbon look more decorative. This will even go into a 30% curve.   I will try and put the project up after class on Monday.

Applique Class for Knoxville. Anita Goodesign for Murfreesboro!!

  • Hello all,  Boy it’s a good day.  Yesterday I finished the Snowman Appliqué class for Knoxville MidSouth Sewing. It’s next week at the store.  We are going to use several decorative stitches and it’s really cute.  I had to limit the class because of the area we will need to use.  I still have a few places to fill.  This is a sewing class, so if you have a wonderful machine or want to try out one this class will be fun and you will have a great door decoration for Jan and Feb.
  • In Murfreesboro MidSouth Sewing, we are getting ready for Anita Goodesign. If you have never come to an event.  This is a great one to start the new year right.  Jessica will be here showing all the new treats from Anita and Sharon Taylor is coming from Brother.  SHe is going to wow us with her great ideas. We love Sharon, she is fun and funny and has wonderful ideas.  This is going to be a busy Jan.  Call to reserve a place for you today and don’t forget to tell all your friends.

Top Ten Reasons to Shop MidSouth Sewing for Christmas

  1.  Don’t have to go to the mall and fight the crowds
  2. Can buy a gift certificate in any denomination.
  3. Can get the best service for the best price.
  4. Some of the happiest people in town shop here at MidSouth Sewing, and smile while they are here.
  5. Great fresh Coffee and always have chocolate on hand.
  6. When you have a question we know the answer.
  7. Individual classes on your new sewing and/or embroidery machine.
  8. The best teachers, teach here on the best machines.
  9. The best fabric selection in the area.
  10. Always the best laughs to be found.  We have fun!!

We are blogging now!!

We are going to have beginner classes at MidSouth Sewing in Murfreesboro after the new year. But until then, I hope this will help.
Being Zippy with Zippers!!
I just found this great website with pictures about how to put in a zipper.  The pictures are wonderful and it was easy to understand.  Just click on the link below: